Welcome to the geekring!

This is a webring for geeks of all sorts, except those who feel excluded by the use of the word geek. If you're a geek, this is for you.

This is the old web, in 2022! For all those funny, quirky, interesting, personal, strange, offbeat websites that's not page 1 on the search engines. Everyone here gets a chance to have their site viewed, and everyone will find something they have not seen before!

For websurfers

You're here because you're better at surfing the web than most people. If you have your own website, this page could interest you, read on! If you don't, stay awhile and lis... read about the geeky stuff here, or press RANDOM to visit one of the great geeky sites in this ring!

Not all sites link back to the ring, so if you don't want to hunt for the banner, use
The good old-fashioned frameset version or
The new-fangled iframe version

For webmasters

Who can join?

Everyone who has a website where making money is not the primary goal. In short, if the site is for selling a product, or otherwise does not contain anything of interest to anyone not looking to pay money for products and services, it won't get in the ring, or will get kicked out. This is the real, good old noncommercial Internet that we vaguely remember. Open source and free software projects are welcome too.

How to join?

You've got choices:

You should promote this webring on your site somehow, maybe just link directly to it, or include one of our awesome widgets!

I was invited?

Could be! I sometimes ask people with interesting sites to join, most of them don't and that's totally fine too, but yeah, it's been known to happen!

Managing your ring membership

Go to https://geekring.net/site/NUMBER/SECRET (replace NUMBER with your sites NUMBER and SECRET with the secret you got when requesting to join.

You can also go to /admin.html to read more about managing your ring membership.

I requested to join, nothing happened?

I check up on the pending requests at a fixed interval: Whenever I feel like it. That means it could take anywhere from a day or two, to a few weeks, before I get to your request. When your request is examined, the criterion for whether your site is included are also fixed: Totally depends on my mood, and whether I like your site at that particular day, so don't feel bad if you're not included. About 90% of all applicants are currently accepted.

Widget codes

Including a reference to the webring is as simple as it gets, you're free to write your own or modify the examples below. Just copy-paste the HTML into your own page, and you're done. Please consider hosting the image files yourself.

Here is an example of widget #1

This site is a proud member of the geekring! Check some other geeky websites here!
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Here is an example of widget #2 (jpg)

geekring.net nvigation

Here is an example of widget #2 (gif)

geekring.net nvigation Previous geekring site Random geekring site Next geekring site Main geekring site

Here is an example of widget #3

Previous Random Next Geekring The Geekring

HTTP Endpoints (GET method)

Note that NUMBER can be substituted for the site number, as is listed in the list.txt, however, if left as-is, geekring will try and use the HTTP referer header to reverse-lookup the number, this may not always work, depending on the users browser settings, so please consider replacing the NUMBER with the actual number.


This website is intended to work on older computers, some of which cannot support the HTTPS protocol, either due to new algorithms or CPU/RAM limitations. Therefore the default behavior is HTTP. But for the crypto-happy among you, there is full HTTPS support, just HTTP to HTTPS in all links if you desire. If you submit a website with HTTPS as the protocol, it will be included as HTTPS. However, for the sake of the millions of Commodore 64 users out there, eager to surf the web, consider whether what you're publishing actually needs to be encrypted or not.


Webrings are the shizzle again, so of course geekring itself is a proud member of the following webrings!

This site is alwsys under construction!

Additional info

This is a noncommercial hobby project, no company behind it, no intention of making a profit. The list is maintained by hand. This won't scale, and that's the point, welcome to the small internet.

The member sites are recorded in a plaintext file /list.txt, a database records how many redirects each page got, pages with fewer hits will have a slightly higher chance of being chosen by the random redirect function. As a site owner, you get a NUMBER and a secret, using those, you can view information about your page, and you can delete your site from the ring.

Every page will get a NUMBER, that is their place in the ring. They insert their NUMBER in their widget to reference to other pages, to see your NUMBER open /list.txt and look for your site.

Privacy policy None, we don't keep any information, there are no client-side scripts, there are no cookies, the server does not log requests.

The story behind geekring.