Administer ring membership

When you requested to join, you got a secret number to keep, and when your site was accepted, it was assigned a NUMBER.

If you don't know your NUMBER or secret, read below

Site Secret:

No cookies, no sessions, the link is what's secret, don't share it, don't let your browser share it.

I lost my secret, I hate geekring, I want to leave!

It's kind of difficult for me to verify whether a random request to leave geekring is made by the person in control of the member site..

Here's how you leave geekring without the secret:

  1. Use /form.html to submit a message explaining that you want to leave (it'd be much apprechated, but not required if you spent a word or two telling me why).
  2. In the message, tell me where you will place the message! It could be "as a comment in the head html" or "a file called /geekring.txt" or something else that proves that you have control of the site you want removed
  3. Submit /form.html amd copy the secret, and put it somewhere under your site, like a comment in the html, or in a file of its own, just somwhere so I can go and check it..
  4. Patience, I'll get around to it

I lost my secret, I love geekring, I want stay

Never fear! The process is more or less the same.. Use /form.html to send a message, put the secret somewhere on your site and rember to tell in the message where you'll put it so I can find it.. Also put your email, I'll email you a new secret.